Kiwi Web Developer based in New York City


I am a web developer and creative from Auckland, New Zealand with Norwegian and Chinese heritage (just incase you were wondering where that last name came from). I am passionate about web development and creating innovative results.

I remember first learning to code back in the days of MySpace where changing the amount of top friends I could display introduced me to the world of development. From there, my love for the web and the possibilities in tech has grown endlessly. Over the past few years, I have been learning to code through online resources and have recently studied full time in Auckland, graduating with a Diploma of Web Development.

I am passionate about using technology and communication to create a more accessible and enjoyable world to live in. I believe in creating functional, conscious work that engages the way we think, feel and behave.

I try to spend most of my non-coding time outdoors. I enjoy photography, writing and travel. I especially love great conversation, climbing mountains and learning about new cultures and places in this incredible world we live in.

I am a creative thinker, quick learner, story teller and problem solver.


HTML 5, CSS 3/SASS, PHP, SQL, Laravel, Javascript/jQuery, Bootstrap, Flexbox

CMS (Themes, Admin/Plugin Setup, Custom Functionality) on Shopify, Wordpress and Squarespace

Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator

I have experience in front end web development and creating responsive websites as well as knowledge of integrating with and developing server-side. I've obtained an eye for detail and appreciation for design, as well as knowing how to efficiently project manage and work with clients and colleagues successfully.


The Cabin

The Cabin is a Laravel website I built and designed where users can search for available rooms at this boutique accomodation lodging and make bookings depending on availability.

Through an admin login, the bookings and website content are able to be managed and updated.

The main obstacles I faced in creating my first Laravel project was working with the bookings system and creating a way to search and book with a variety of variables including dates, occupancy and availability.

HTML, SASS, Flexbox, Laravel, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Instagram API, responsive design, database design, branding, content creation.

Kitchen Collective

A PHP platform I created where users can login, register and submit recipes.

I created a content management system for administration to be able to edit, update, create and delete recipes, categories and users.

This was the first PHP and database intergration I built and what I enjoyed most was the database planning process and developing CRUD functionality.

HTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap 3, Javascript, jQuery, responsive design, database design, aesthetic and design.

Little Sister Cafe

Auckland is overflowing with trendy cafes (but typically you still have to wait 45 minutes for a table on a Saturday morning). I noticed most cafes don't have a website or easily accessible menu to view with contact details so I decided to create a mock template which is a simple, easy to use website where customers can browse the menu, get directions, view hours and contact details.

Because brunching and branding are two of my favourite things, I dreamt up the content and design for 'Little Sister' cafe where I am currently eating smashed avocado on buckwheat toast in my day dreams.

This is a simple concept and layout but something that I think many eateries are missing. You could say this is my version of playing fantasy league.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 3, jQuery, Instagram API, responsive design, branding, content.


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